What We Do

Behavioral Health Integration

For many years, behavioral health care (which includes mental health and addictions) has been largely "carved out" from the larger physical or somatic health care system. This has resulted in silos of care and of data, often with little communication between the silos, leading to disconnected care, lower quality, and increased costs. Merging the brain and the body back together is what FUSE is all about.

Bending the cost curve

The cost of maintaining these silos is high. Claims data from across the country demonstrate 30-100% higher costs for medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and pneumonia, when there is comorbid mental illness and/or substance use disorders. And the relative risk for medical hospitalization is up to 15 times that of people without comorbid behavioral health conditions. FUSE can help you save money and provide better quality care.

IT starts with policy

With over 30 years of combined experience helping to craft sensible healthcare policy, we can advise you on making decisions that put patients at the center your business. From Mental Health Parity Act compliance to standards development to Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG) coding optimization to legislative and regulatory review to behavioral health integration within the electronic health record (EHR) and health information exchange (HIE), FUSE can help you make develop smart strategies that improve patient experience (HCAPHS) and streamline your care processes.

Patient engagement is key

Patient-centered care is the secret sauce of high performance health care systems. Engaging patients as partners in care improves quality and outcomes while reducing costs. Collaborative care models that use measured care, care management tools, and expert psychiatric caseload consultation help primary care providers engage with patients and more efficiently manage their care. With FUSE, you can achieve better outcomes and attain greater value. 

Whether you are a health plan, private practice, accountable care organization (ACO), patient-centered medical home (PCMH), provider organization, hospital, regulator, legislator, EHR developer, health information exchange, government organization, quality improvement organization, or patient advocacy group, start a discussion today with FUSE senior partners Dr Steve Daviss or Kait B Roe, and see how we can help solve your integration challenges.